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Vocabulary spills, I’m ill

That’s just the way that I talk, yoI say, “Vocabulary spills, I’m ill”Then you say, “oh, that’s very serious”(Oh, is that what you say in your head?)“No, no, it’s not serious…”I would say the same thing, but it doesn’t matter what I say.Even if I […]


Manson on The B-Side

Hit hard like Black Sabbath drums, look in my eyes, you’d think that Manson had a bastard son.  I’m also pretty certain that the “Fuck the Police.”  I’m really not sure which is the most badass thing Manson ever did. I am pretty sure that […]

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Think nuts.

1. You don’t want to be like the guy from our video who was so depressed after breaking his phone.2. You’ve never had an actual phone.3. You’ve always been in contact with your phone because it’s always with you. But the reality is that you’re […]